Business optimization

Business optimization is always needed as the time requires changes. However, even the most positive changes in the life of an enterprise need additional efforts, enhanced attention and preciseness. Each enterprise has its peculiarities and history. Quite often in order to considerably reduce costs and time expenses of an enterprise it is enough to change just a little in processes common for the enterprise. It is individual for each enterprise.

We suggest that you implement changes in precise and comfortable way.

Below you can see brief outline of the list of our services that you may find useful:

Development of documents needed by a client in order to legalize, organize and realize economic activity:

  •  Accounting system;
  •  The system of internal control, internal audit;
  •  General system of management;
  •  Internal instructions for officials;
  •  Internal standards of corporative management etc;
  •  Internal norms and rules;
  •  Legal provision of management decisions;
  •  The system of management of currency flows, investment policy.
  •  Statutes, orders;
  •  Job descriptions;
  •  Documents of the system of personnel stimulation etc.

Holding professional trainings for accountants and managers on issues within professional competence of auditors.

Representation of interests of a client in the issues of accounting, audit, and taxation in front of public bodies, organizations or in a court.

Consultations on the issues of management and business operation, taxation, application of information technologies, other issues.

Other types of professional services.