First of all we would like to emphasize that audit and other audit services do not mean inspection of the performance of an accountant at an enterprise but it is rather the analysis of the performance of the whole enterprise as one body. We offer you a more comprehensive approach allowing to see strengths and weaknesses of an enterprise and if necessary to outline methods of overcoming weak points and ways of implementing these methods. Audit services are aimed at granting confidence. The most important stage of realizing each task is to define the goal. Consequently, one or several types of services will be chosen. We described our services in the simplest way possible avoiding complicated terminology for you to easily make a decision on what services are needed for your enterprise. We will realize your task in compliance with all legislative requirements, in particular: - International standards of quality control, audit, review, other ways of providing confidence and maintenance services. - The Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants developed by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) - International Standards of Accounting and Reporting; - National provisions (standards) of accounting.